Compositional Data and Reports

Total UI Student Enrollment

Total student enrollment of 32,535 (undergraduate, graduate, and professionals)

UI Student Enrollment by Race/Ethnicity, Fall 2019

*data pulled from the 2019  Office of the Registrar's "Facts at a Glance" Report


Count %
African American or Black 948 3.0%
Alaskan Native or American Indian 61 0.2%
Asian American 1,466 4.5%
Hispanic or Latinx 2,301 7.1%
International 2,568 7.8%
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander 20 0.1%
Two or More Races 1,003 3.1%
White (Non-Hispanic), or Unknown Race 24,168 74.2%
TOTAL 32,535 100%










UI Student Enrollment by Disability, Fall 2019

*data pulled from the 2019 Student Disability Services Report

Disability Count %
Health Disabilities 237 0.7%
Learning Disabilities 611 1.8%
Mobility Disabilities 19 0.05%
Psychiatric Disabilities 364 1.1%
Sensory Disabilities 62 0.2%
TOTAL 1,293  







Other Numbers to Consider:

  • In Fall 2019, there were 5,962 (18.3%) of first generation undergraduates enrolled
  • There are 2,465 veterans, dependents and active-duty service members attending the UI as of Fall 2019


Other Campus Data Resources

Office of the Registrar Student Profile

Additional information about veterans, students with disabilities, sex and gender, etc. is available at the link above. The enrollment numbers listed in the Student Profile are the number of students who self-report.

University of Iowa Data Digest

The Data Digest provides comprehensive quantitative information about various aspects of the university, including students, faculty, and budget. It is meant to serve as a source of official numbers. 


If you would like information that is not in a published report, please make a request through the University's Open Records Office.

University of Iowa departments may use the Internal Student Data Request form (valid hawkid and password needed) to make a request.